My name is Brian Bueza. I am a graphic & digital designer with several years of professional experience; having published assets for print, online, digital, and broadcast media.


  • Graphic Designer in the Real Estate industry

  • Web Content Tech at a nonprofit TV Broadcast Station

  • Multimedia Developer at an e-Learning company

  • Brand Administrator and Graphic Designer at a Bank

  • Web and Graphic Designer at two telecom firms

  • Art Director / Production Artist at two ad agencies

  • Web and Graphic Designer at a software company

  • CG Modeler and Texture Artist at an animation studio


My hobbies include illustration, RC cars, 3D Printing and tinkering. I regard myself as a "maker" or a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) type of guy, so I consider many things as potential projects that can be enhanced or as ideas to further develop. I enjoy learning and in particular, the Japanese language is my current priority. When I am not in study, I am usually working on a couple of entrepreneurial projects. For example, I am producing a series of NFT artwork to offer for sale, once completed.

Naturally, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially outdoors. My physical fitness generally revolves around very practical and easily accessible activities - stretching, hiking and meditation, which, for my purposes, is adequate. I am always looking to improve myself in some manner on my own terms. I believe we are all lifetime learners. I strive to keep an open mind and intently try to absorb information first and defer reaction. I make it a point to seek experiences that can add value to my perspective, and to be observant of things that are inspirational. Doing so has helped me maintain my optimism and motivation in my work.


Currently, I can remote work and offer design services in graphics and illustration. I am able to offer my knowledge and experience in designing your project to have the desired impact and outcome. Regarding deadlines, I am able turn your project around and deliver it to you complete in a timely manner. If you have a project in mind and would like to inquire about what I can do for you, please send me an email to establish contact. I'd be happy to provide a consultation.

Thank you so much for your interest!


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